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going through old stuff and came across a bunch of comics of this character i used to draw a lot ‘punkdog’. i would base the strips off punk songs. in this particular strip punkdog meets another character i drew ‘fin of tomland’, which is a play off Tom of Finland and the inspired song is ‘crashing through’ by Beat Happening. 
miss drawing these guys. it’s hard fleshing stuff out you know? don’t want shit to get boring right?
anyways, its weird going through old stuff aint it? 
i’m in this weird stage with my work. unfocused. too much weirdness in the world to feel motivated to continue in my usual ‘happy go lucky’ way. plus haven’t drawn a comic in months.
sorry for the rant.

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don’t know what i was thinking here

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vacation sketch

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vacation sketch

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vacation sketch

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couple pages in the newest Det Grymma Svärdet

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